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Form Name isnt working

I have two forms on my site and when i go to the forms page in the settings it tells me i can have it auto populate the form name in the subject line but its not working. Secondly I would also like for it to auto populate the reply to with name and email address of the person submitting the form, that also doesnt seem to be happening. Any help would be spectacular.

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The “get a quote” form is working just fine… fills in the first 5 fields automatically, and also looks for an address for pickup and delivery. Just a note on that… I guess you have to choose one or the other - not both. Find a way to just ask for ONE address here.

You can personalise the email at Dashboard > Projects > Forms

my question isnt about the actual form, its about the email it populates to send to my client. I need the email to be able to tell them which form the information is coming from.

Using custom code add a hidden field to the form that you populate with a value.

can you tell me how to do that?