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Form input in CMS

Hello fellow designers

I am having trouble to figure it out, how to use Form Input Field on a page with CMS.
What am I trying to do is this:
Designing a page for my Client, who has a web page about Eurovision. Every now and then, they have voting going on. I made a design with everything they need. Pulled out of Collections. For every country there is a video from you tube and input field for their members to fill in with points. They are voting just like real Eurovision. When inserting form in Collection Item, it’s same input for all items. How to make it so that each country has its own input?

Input fields are supposed to be conected with Googe Forms, as this video shows:

Any solution on this would be so much appreciated. I know, there are a lot of sites offering better solutions on this. But my client refuses to pay for this. For once or twice a year.

I know, I can design without CSM, but that is so much more of work to be done. Besides, all the infos are already in collections.

Please help me with this.


Hard to understand your issue. In general, bind field inside a form by embed-html "add field" + set the field to hidden.

Her you find an example for Job Application Form:

Try this - than add more specific Q.

Thank you for reply. I am sorry if my English is not perfect.

What I am trying to do:
Let’s take a look at Google Forms. Where you make questions and put the answer fields below each question.
When you send that form to others to complete the survey, they enter words (or numbers) as answers.
And that is what I am trying to do here. As mentioned in my first post (and in the video How to embed a Google Form into a Webflow site) I can do that. BUT, when I put Form inside Collections, that one Input is across all Collection Items. Every question in Collection should have its own separate Input Field.

I hope this is understandable enough .

Thank you