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Form at the end blog post?

Hi all, hope everyone’s week is going well!

Our team may be tasked with a website design for a staffing agency and we’re looking to employ the webflow CMS to upload and maintain available job postings (on behalf of employers). We would like to enable job seekers to respond to specific job postings by filling out a form.

See an example below.

List of all available jobs:

Specific jobs have an “Apply Now” button that takes applicants to a form with a job id attached to the end so the staffing agency knows which job the applicant applies for:

The above is just an example of how it could work—maybe each job listing can have a form below, without having to take applicants to a new page?

Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone has done this in the past, or wanted to see if there’s another creative way of handling this.

Thanks in advance!

The solution is to place your form on the template page, modal or inline, add an HTML Embed to the form, then create a input field (hidden so it won’t be changed) in it (HTML) and use a CMS field to populate the value attribute.

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Oh, clever! Would you by chance have an example of this done in webflow? Thanks so much!

HTML embed placed in the form with the input field code. In the upper right of the embed dialog box (when on a collection template page) you can select fields from the collection to place into the embed. Insert whatever field has the value you wish to get when the form is submitted.

<input type="hidden" value="[cms field value]" />

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