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Minimizing the "False" Values in a Form

I have built a very long form for a client with many choices for each section using radial buttons. The page is on this site ( Here is the page live (

Since people may only pick one or a couple options for each category, is there a way for the form to only show the true values (ones selected) and not the ones that aren’t selected (false)? This would cut down on the length of the submitted form we receive from the customer and make it easier to find the information we need to input into MLS.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @chrisgreer33 great question!

At this time that is not possible yet with native Webflow forms. As a workaround instead you’ll need to set up a Zapier integration with your site forms to send an email via Zapier once the form is submitted and only display fields with the appropriate values:

This would be a neat feature to request here as well on the Webflow Wishlist.

How would that work with Zapier? I’m not familiar with Zapier and I’m not very technical.

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