Form field name isn't reflected in Form Submission Data

I created a simple form, added a textarea element, and named that element “Message”. However, when I fill out and submit the form, the name of that element isn’t shown in the column header of the Form Submission Data table. Instead of saying “Message”, the column’s label just says “field”. Is this a bug with Webflow or am I missing something? Thanks.

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Unless someone else knows otherwise, it seems like a bug to me. If it’s an issue I’d just reach out to support.

Thanks Chris. I’ve submitted it to Webflow Support as a potential bug.

On the style guide page you have a test form with the same id for the text area: ‘Message’. Normally it is okay to use the same id on different pages, but I think I’ve had te same problem a year ago. So try changing that and look what happens.

As it turns out, Webflow says that this is a known bug. Here’s their work-around (which I haven’t implemented yet):

We can add a name to our Form Field element by taking the following steps:

  1. Select your form-input element
  2. In the Element Settings panel (D) add a Custom Attribute. In the Name field enter data-name. under Value add the name you’d like to use for your field: View screenshot [:arrow_upper_right:]
  3. Publish your project


Thanks for digging into this Robert and reaching out to support.

My curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to run through this bug myself.

I ended up testing @Robbe_Geukens creative approach as well as Webflow supports approach.

Turns out I could only get the Webflow support approach to work for me.

Here’s what that looks like…

Just as you did Robert, I gave that new form field that same ID and Name of “Message”.

Published and then submitted the form, went back to my Webflow project settings and indeed found exactly the behavior you found as well.

Instead of “Message” for the column title I got “field” just as you did.

I then tried Robbe’s creative approach by renaming the ID field only.

Published, submitted the form, returned to project settings with the same incorrect result:

What a pain!

So now I took the Webflow support approach and added that data attribute:

Published, submitted the form, returned to project settings and look what it did!

Surprising results.

I’d venture to guess that if we created a new form with zero submissions (or possibly renamed the entire form so it shows up under a new table in project settings?) it wouldn’t do this.


Looks like my guess was correct, renaming the form creates a new table of data in the project settings with the correct names. May not help if you already have a lot of data, but this is the behvior:

Webflow share link if anyone wants to check it out.

Chris, thanks for your follow-up. I just implemented the bug fix and got the same result as you. I now have a new “Message” column alongside the old “field” column. Fortunately, I just had test data so it doesn’t make any difference to me. When I deleted the Form Submission Data table and submitted the form again, I only have the new Message column based on the custom attribute. Hopefully anyone else who encounters this bug will find this thread and fix the problem before they have production data in their table.