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Form Field Not Working

I built out a form for a page ( For some reason the phone line won’t register. As a user, you can enter the field, but when I receive the form submission notification, the phone line doesn’t show up. I looked in Forms tab in setting, and it doesn’t show there either. Have never run into this issue with a form on Webflow. Would appreciate any help.

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Hi there,

Looks like there are 2 input fields in your form that both have the same name. There is a text input named Phone and also a checkbox input named Phone.

It’s inportant that input names are unique in a form so perhaps rename the text input for the phone number to Phone-Number.


Please test again after making changes and note that earlier submissions will not show the update, only submissions from now on.

Thanks for asking for this at support also, and hopefully this forum post can help others in the future with a similar issue.

Thanks David. But if i want to change name in the inuput settings it resets to the old after i clicked away? Can you help me there?