Form disappears after submitting

Hi there. Few years back this question was solved, but in my case it doesn’t work. so after I submit form it’s disappearing. I have found the same topic and used answers from there. but it still doesn’t work.

I used answers from here.
I gave a form ID Form
and used such custom code

#Form { display: block !important; }

can anyone help?

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You need to use, either:

display: block !important;


display: block !important;

Beware that not hiding the form isn’t a great thing, since it allows users to easily resubmit the form.

Ideally you would at least hide the submit button and lock the submission functionality, but that can be a bit complex for those who aren’t that comfortable with code.

thank you!
it’s working!!

but the form is filled with all the information. is it possible after submitting the new empty form appear?

Since your form isn’t that big, having something similar to the below will probably work well for you:

const form = document.querySelector("#email-form")
form.addEventListener("submit", () => {
    form.querySelector('#field').innerHTML = '';
    form.querySelector('#email').value = '';
    form.querySelector('#name').value = '';

Keep in mind that JS and CSS are very dependent on the actual structure of your html, so if you change something in the form, you will face the risk of breaking the JS or CSS code. Most of what I sent above will only break if you change the form field name/id or the class/id of the form.