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Close / Hide Form Automatically On Submit

Hey guys,

I have a Fixed Div that remains on the website all the time. Inside this DIV there is only one element - Form.

Can I somehow add an option to close / hide this whole DIV once the form inside this DIV was submitted?

Thank you

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You can do this with custom code
Or maybe just a good ol’ click trigger in the submit button that hides the entire div’s content once you click it, maybe add a little delay and transition so that it doesn’t just abruptly disappear. You could also add a text element (eg. thank you for your submission, to send another message, refresh this page) that shows up when the div’s content is gone.

A read-only link would be helpful.

Hi Kimmy,

Thank you for the answer. I got the idea. Thanks. Haven’t thought of adding it simply as an interaction on the button. I did it and it worked well but the downside of this is that it would remove the form even if you just click on this button without submitting information. Even if for example the email field is mandatory, and you didn’t fill it, pressing on the button would remove the form from the screen. So if someone clicked on the button by accident, the form will disappear.

Do you think you have other ways with custom code?

Thank you.

There are ways to achieve that with custom code, yes. Sadly, i’m not able to fully provide you with a solution because i’m not an expert in JS.