Disappearing Form on submission


Is there a way to stop a successful Form submission from disappearing and showing the “success message”? I want to be able to save data and not have the form disappear, but instead show a message like in the image below.


Under the form wrapper element there are three elements: the form div in itself, the success message div and the error message div.

On Success, Webfow gives a display:none property on the fly to the form div

As it’s inline it overrides anything you could set in Webflow designer.

Try to add a CSS custom code on that element, with an !important tag

Something like

.my-form {display:block !important;}

But I don’t know if !important has a better wieght than inline.

Thanks @vincent, but i want the form to stop disappearing when i submit. I’d rather have my own message displayed when i submit the form without the form disappearing.

If you add that code it may stop disappearing and show up alongside the success message.


Thanks alot @vincent it worked.

I was using the form id rather than the class name. Works now. :smiley:

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