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Give access to page content only if email is entered in a form

Hi all,

We are trying to create a page with public content. But this content should be visible only if the visitor first enters a valid email in a form.

So the flow should be:

  1. Display the form that asks for an email and/or phone number
  2. If a valid email is entered, the form disappears and is replaced by a content

Any idea how to do this ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

What constitutes a valid email?

Hi, I meant by valid email an email with avalid format.

Well this can be done with custom code and I can certainly think of a few ways to approach the problem if I was building it. If writing code is not your thing then you might consider posting in the freelance category to get some paid help.

Hello, ok thanks a lot. I found a section indeed in the page settings where I can write code. I will try with this. Thanks a lot

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