Footnotes and superscript in blog posts

Hey Folks, so I am trying to figure out how to add footnotes in my blog post using superscript numbers in the body of the post. Anyone know how to accomplish this?

Very General Q - you talk about References list (Like wikpedia). Add example/screenshots and so on.

Hi @Siton_Systems, sorry for the delayed reply.

Here is a link to my blogpost:

You can see the numerals I have used for the end-notes and then the end notes at the bottom. I would like to make the numerals show as superscript so they are less distracting.


For now I am swapping these out with links,

No such of typo option (yet). Like in word (You could add this to wishlist)

You could wrap all of your number with em

Then add custom CSS (before head)

    .some-div-wrapper em {
        vertical-align: super;
        font-size: smaller;

By custom JS you could also select only the first 3 letter in every element and add some CSS - but the trick above is easier

Hey, any chance you could expand on this. How exactly do you wrap the numbers with em