Typing Superscript (+) Plus sign in web flow designer

Hi guys! This may be really dumb but i need a bit of guidance as to how to type the superscript + sign in the content.

just a wee bit lost here, sos :smiley: and many thanks!

Hey @monsterling.
I’ve noticed a few things since I started using webflow. Some fonts will superscript some things automatically (®, etc). Some fonts don’t. One thing I did to get around this issue, since I can’t seem to find a superscript control in the tools panel, is to wrap what I want superscripted in a span. You can do that by selecting the text and clicking the little brush icon next to the bold, underline, italicize, etc buttons above it. Once you do that, add a class (“sup”, for example), then you could style it like this:

font-size: 0.6em;
line-height: 0;
position: relative;
top: -0.5em;

That gets things close enough for me. You would just make sure that your plus sign is inside of that span.



Off topic but why would one need to superscript the + sign? Honest concern (:

:slight_smile: good question.
lol the product name has a superscript + sign in it… and it needs to be referred to in superscript in all instances.

we can hard code it but was wondering if there was really a simpler way to do so in web flow.

thanks altextreme :slight_smile: i’ll give it a shot and report back

Thanks, I was wondering. Today I learnt the word ‘superscript’ (:

I’m using @altextreme method. Always have a class named ‘index’ to superscript bits of text. Going to update it with his properties, haven’t thought about using ems to make it relative to the font-size.

They should just add the feature. Simple. No brainer. Too many workarounds not efficient and productive.


Hi @topelovely, good point! If you have some extra time, please share your thoughts on this here: http://forum.webflow.com/category/feedback/wish-list :slight_smile:

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is there any update on adding superscript functionality in the designer?

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Yes – superscript please. My client wants to add footnotes to their posts. What now?