Footnotes in webflow CMS?

I am interested in creating a blog with webflow. Does webflow allow footnotes? The content I write includes substantial research to back it up.

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You can create a div for footnotes and style it however you want.

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I would like to have superscripts in the body of my posts that link to footnotes. Is this even possible with the CMS in webflow?


You could try using bigfoot.js []. I love it.

The problem is you can’t really use Webflow’s CMS for that, yet, because you can’t insert HTML in your collection items. (at least, I haven’t found a way so far to prevent the RTF from making the footnote markup unrecognizable for bigfoots JQUERY plugin :confused: )
So you’d have to use static pages for footnotes for now.

@samliew could you expand on that? Basically, what I would want to do is throw my footnote ridden markup texts right from Ulyssess into the Webflow’s CMS. If you had a way to do that would be awesome!