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Footer won't work properly


So the footer on my homepage won’t work the way I want it… I’m trying to get it to be on the bottom of the screen below everything. I’ve tries everything and I’m pretty sure it’ll be an easy fix but I just can’t figure it out!

Also per photo below, why is it showing this grey thick line? You can see that the footer isn’t staying on the bottom. I’ve tried making it absolute and tried relative and tries fixed but none seem to work right.

Here’s the share link

It’s perfectly at the bottom for me, did you already fix this problem?

Here is a video on how to fix the other problems:

Hope this helps :wink:


@DharmaNode On the bigger screens its in the middle and isn’t at the bottom. I need it to stay at the bottom no matter how big or small the screen is…:persevere:

I think I fixed it I’m not 100% sure!

@DharmaNode Okay so I guess what I have is not going to work. My manager wants the footer to be at the bottom of the screen no matter what size monitor. How can I achieve this?

@waldo do you have an idea?

everything seems fine at first sight,
the screenshot is it taken from the live version or in the designer preview?

Edit: I’ve just checked the live version of Dukes Pizza on my laptop 15" and iMac 25" both versions work just fine here.

@SidneyOttelohe it’s from the live version. He wants the footer to be able to also be “responsive” when you make the window smaller height wise.

I tried changing it to Absolute and placed it at the bottom but it doesn’t work like you’d think. When you scroll it stays put and doesn’t snap to the bottom of the screen…:triumph:

Okay so I make it fixed and placed at the bottom. Seems to do the trick…although I’m a little confused as to why the page scrolls if there’s nothing there?

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