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Hi, I am trying to set up a click trigger action that opens up testimonials. When the testimonials appear, the footer is pushed down as should happen. On the second click the testimonials disappear as should happen, but now the footer comes up and a white space below it is being shown. Looks a bit chaotic. How can I make the footer stay at the bottom so when the testimonials disappear, the top comes down instead of the footer coming up.

I recreated as shown in the video “how to create a sticky footer”, but that doesn’t do the trick.

You can see it at the bottom of page “vrouwenweekend” in the directory “workshops”.

This is the published version:

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @Wim I see that you have a dynamic list that shows up. After adding a display:none to it, the white space under the footer goes away":


This means that you need to add another step to your interaction that sets a display:none to that dynamic list when you hide the testimonials.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi @PixelGeek, you got me scared for a moment with that screen recording. I thought you meant I had to change something in that maze of code. And it seems when I finally found it I couldn’t change anything there. But I got it. “Display none” means click the closed eye in the interaction itself. It works!

Thanks a lot!

Saw some great video tutorials from you, btw. Very helpful.

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