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Sticky Footer Flexbox Stuff

So, I’m looking at the sticky footer flexbox videos and I’m having trouble figuring out how to get this footer to stick to the bottom of the page. The settings in the flex layout are not the same as they were when the video was created so i’m not sure where to look. There is nothing that says “fill space” for the content section above the footer.


This example is for sticky footer (not fixed but "always at the bottom even if the page content is short).

Steps (follow the video but this is the “new” UI):

  1. Put site content inside page-wrapper (you missing this step). How? manually indent the content (drag and move to the right):

  2. Add styles to “page-wrapper” (NEW UI click on the image - and follow the red areas):

  3. Add expand to the content area (in your site you should add this “content wrapper” - so you have "1.nav // 2.Content area with “expand” // 3. footer)


Thank you helping me with this.

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Hi Siton,

I messed this thing up again. On the appointment page. I can’t seem to figure out what I did to have the texting run into the footer section. Would you mind looking at it for me again?

Thank you.

I’m not seeing a problem on the appointment page. Could you post a screenshot of the issue you’d like to correct?

Thank you for your reply. I actually just found the issue. I had a child set to min 100vh and max 100vh, when I removed that it fixed the issue.

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