How do I get rid of the White space on the side of my website?

I have an interaction at the bottom of my home page that brings an element in from the right on a scroll trigger (there is another element that comes in from the left at the same time). Unfortunately before the interaction is triggered, this element creates an unused white space on the side of my site.

I am happy with the way the interaction looks and I don’t want to change it - is there a way to keep it the same and get rid of the white space on the right side of the site?

Very grateful for your help.

The sharing link is:


You already know exactly why the bug happens, so you’ll understand the fix.

Select the general container of where your interaction happens. Probably a section.

Give it overflow:hidden, which hides anything outside of the section.

Now the browser won’t account for your displaced element space outside of the section.

Never apply this rule to the whole <body>or you won’t be able to scroll your site anymore.

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Ok great, sounds good. I’ll give it a try

Thank you

Excellent, that worked perfectly! Thanks a lot

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