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Flexbox & Responsivness

Hi there! I have to make a flexbox (I think) like this:

. I need to make responsive as weell, like this
thanks for help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Welcome to the community, @Joanna24!

It’s going to be difficult to provide you with exact steps necessary for your specific project, but this type of shift is possible by adjusting the flex direction from horizontal to vertical at your desired breakpoint.

Like with all font-end design, there are tons of different ways to achieve the same (or similar) results, so if you run into any issues just reply with your read-only link and I’ll take a closer look at it for you :+1:

i’ve tried to make a grid in 2 column area, and just div flexbox, so in my project there are 2 same blocks. I will really thankful for any advice, as it’s my exam for hiring me in the company:)

Did you happen to figure it out? I just took a peek at the link and it looks like the sections already stack appropriately on tablet and lower:

No, I didn’t… it looks like ok, but there should be space between text, like expand from top to bottomVia flexbox. But I can’t make that blue div bigger