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How do I make this grid responsive


I’m relatively new here to Webflow so I need some advice!

I’ve designed myself a website, on the second section I include my three main services, these services are spread throughout a 3-part grid, as you can see on the desktop view my services are displayed horizontally, what is the easiest/quickest way to display these services vertically ( whilst keeping the design the same ) for mobile view (responsiveness).

Just wondering before anyone takes the time to answer this question, should I recreate this grid using divs and flexbox? would that be easier than trying to use a grid? it’s a one-dimensional section so maybe that might be my best bet, let me know your thoughts.

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You would be better served using flexbox for a simple one dimensional card set up. Certainly no need for a grid with areas defined.

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I made a flexbox setup with 3 divs inside but there are still responsiveness issues, what am I doing wrong here?


  1. Set the primary wrapper to “Wrap”
  2. You will need to set the % width on the inner parent Div, and do it for each device.
  3. But you wont need wrap on the ‘div for test’, only on ‘div portfolio’

Here’s a quick video, give me a sec…

And review these tutorial as a refresher:

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Thanks man, appreciate it!

Not a problem, take care see ya!

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Hey @garymichael1313

Tried following your directions above but having some issues…

Mind taking a look at mine? Check our work DIV, want it to be 2 x 2 on tablet view

Hi there, I just saw you sent a note to me. Was that old or did you need help with something??