Fixed nav element at the bottom does not scroll at top of the site

I have a fixed nav element at the bottom of the site and it does not scroll at the top of the site. my first section is the navbar and i can´t choose it for link

There is “as always” a sticky Thread within the board, that shows you how to insert a “public link” to your webflow site. With that link its way easiert to relate to your problem.

Or please provide screenshot or anything else so that we all can have a better look at your problem.

How to enable a webflow share link

Please post this url within this post. Thanks.

Here are the links:

The nav element is fixed but it´s not possible to select the navbar section in the editor

Select the navbar element:

Goto settings and re-enter the ID for the navbar within this input field:

e.g. type “navigation-bar” and hit enter.

Then select the fixed button element:

Then it should be available within this box, choose it:

Should work fine then.



It works. Thanks a lot for your support.

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