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Fixed Navbar Issue

I have two amateur questions. I am trying a design for a travel website. For this I wanted to set up a fixed navbar which always stays in the same place. My approach seems to work.

But now there are two strange behaviors:

1.) I have assigned an ID to the content section which is picked up by the first menu link. As soon as this link is clicked, the page also jumps to the ID, but stays at the same height as the navbar is. I could work around the problem by reducing the first section’s top margin, but I don’t think that’s the right way.

2.) The current status of the navlink appears as soon as the first section is scrolled over 50%. But I want that the Current Status is only triggered when the section is fully scrolled up.

Thanks for your help.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Fundspuren
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hi @daniel.larizza to scroll section full height you should set your Nav menu 2 to position absolute, this will take it from standard flow and make space for section. If you need custom underline animation you should use WF “while scrolling in view” animation to create timeline you need and apply it to your Contentsection.

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thank you so much for looking into it.
i would have never tried to put the Nav menu 2 to absolute. The “current status” issue still buggs me a bit but i can live with that for now :slight_smile:

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Hi @daniel.larizza this Nav block was still in standard flow that prevent to move section to top 0. If you need custom animation on these links do not forget to clear styling for current before creating your own timeline. :wink: