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Navbar fixed effect


Can you please tell me if i can do this navbar effect in webflow? (link above please)

I want just like in that site. The navbar appear in the first section but in the section 2 it becomes fixed.
Thank you very much, hope u guys can help me please.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Helena,
that is a sticky navigation bar. It sticks to the top of the container in this case. In order to achieve this need to have a hero section and then following a wrapper with all the rest of the content of your page. Put as first in the wrapper the navigation bar and give it a position stickyImmagine 2020-09-21 233315
a higher Z index will make it stay on top of everything while sticking to the top du to the 0 Value which indicates the distance from the top.

Hope this helps

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