Sticky navbar vissible

I added the nav so that it shows as you scroll down. How do I set it that it’s visible when you’re at the to of the page? At this moment it disappears…

Currently interactions do not support positioning style change (i.e.: fixed only when you scroll down).

These are your options:

  • Make header fixed without interactions, like
  • Duplicate navbar, and make one of them position auto without interactions
  • Remove interactions and use custom code to make navbar fixed when you scroll down

Thx Samliew!

Thx for having a look for me. I duplicated the navbar and set it without interactions but now the navbar doesn’t hide when scrolling down. It’s always visible. What I would like is that it works like the tutorial:


Yes, so now you set the interaction on the fixed navbar like in the video, and leave the original as position auto.

Thx! I got it working :slight_smile:

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