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Fixed form on top of slider

How do I place a form on my page on top of a slider so that it is static (doesn’t move) when the slider background images move? I want the form to be constant while the slider background images slide in the background. does that make sense?

i tried putting the form in a div block and tested different position settings. no luck yet. any advice is appreciated!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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here’s my link to what i currently have. the form moves currently instead of being fixed on the home page.

Hello, @photonicpro

You are almost got the point. Only thing you have to change PLACE where you add the form.
Move it inside the slider, but not in the slide, on top of mask:

Make form wrapper position: absolute and give z-index higher than mask. In this way form will be always on top of all slides and will not move.


Thanks Anna! Worked like a charm! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:


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