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Place div on top of slider

I’m trying to place a div containing various elements on top of my slider so I can have a slideshow playing behind these elements. I was successful using a container, but I got a warning about how containers should not be absolutely positioned.

You’ll see in the preview that my div is positioned correctly, but I can’t get my slider up underneath it whilst moving the rest of my content below upwards along with it.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my public share link:
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@zac great question! ​I would place the Slider inside of a Section that is set to relative position and then add a sibling div block element next to the Slider so it looks like this and they share the same parent:

​Then I would set the sibling div block parent to absolute positioning and a higher z-index than the slider to make it sit above the slider and style it as needed. :slight_smile:

So simple! Thank you @Waldo. Much appreciated.

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