Fixed elements overfloat on slider

hi, i like the slider widget much, but i want some fixed elements will not changed while the sliders sliding e.g. a login form.

is it possible for the Slider Widget?

@zfe I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish. You want an element to always stay in all of the slides?

A way to do that is to have it outside the slider (the obvious answer) or to set your form to Absolute positioning inside the slider and set the mask or the slider element to Relative positioning.

thanks, i do it. and i finally know “Absolute” means what.

more question about slider: i try to link a button (outside of the slider) to unique id of one of slides. but it doesn’t work.
are there any way to realize my purpose? i mean, when i click a button , the slider will slide to the linked slide.

Hm, that’s an interesting idea @zfe. Hey @danro how would he go about doing something like this?

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@zfe Great idea. We should definitely add unique id linking to the slides.

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thanks. we are waiting for that awesome.

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