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Form positioning over slider

I’m try to add a contact form similar to the artistry coffee site on to my site, but I want the form to sit partially over the slider so that it attracts attention. The form seem to sit under the slider, so that it hides the top of the form. Any idea how I can get the form on top of the slider? The site can be seen at

This is where you have a problem, remove the negative padding and it will work :wink:

so how do I get the form to sit on top of the slider and the black bar below it?

oohhh… sorry, i din´t understad your objective on the first post.

Thats simple, you have to put the form inside the slider and not outside. If you have any problems PM me.


Under “Position” click on the “Relative” button again to get the z-index to appear.
Then set the z-index to 1 or higher, which will move the form in front of your slide.

The problem is that he has that form inside a column, if he uses z-index it will work, but he will get a huge white hole on the right of the 2 text blocks.

I think it works (for me anyway). Try in on just the form. I don’t see the white hole for some reason.

This is the problem, it will work, the problem is that form in not a div, it´s a table column and it´s outside the slider, if you do a negative margin it will work but he cannot put anything inside that “big white hole.”

Oh, got it. I was thinking this: