Scroll Isn't Working on mobile viewport

Can someone please help me figure out why scrolling isn’t working on mobile? It can scroll the first-time around, but then gets “stuck”. Desktop works fine.

READ-ONLY LINK: Webflow - designbyaurum

EDIT: When I say it doesn’t work, I mean I can’t scroll in the published version. So if you open this link on your mobile device, you can’t scroll.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @Healstones this is happening because of overflow:hidden on body element on your mobile viewport.

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Hi @Stan thank you so much! Ok so I initially set the overflow to hidden on mobile because it caused the page to be able to scroll right(?) when it shouldn’t.

Now that I changed the overflow:hidden element to “Visible”, the initial problem disappeared but now there’s black empty space on the right? Could you please help one more time on this?

hi @Healstones your website need some changes as setting element height with vh will cause issue when swapping from portrait to landscape. This is not how is should be done. Anyway here is your problematic part.

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Thank you so much @Stan! Appreciate the feedback as well I’m just starting out in Webflow and am loving it so far