First time user - How to change the link preview/thumbnail and text?


first time user of webflow here, just temporarily using the account to post blog articles.

however i would like to change the link preview text and thumbnail image for when i share the blog articles on social media and chat boxes etc.

currently it is only the direct link when in an article that does not show up the way i want.

it displays the company logo and some text that has no relation to the article (i suspect its the name of the web page when the site was being created)

ideally i would like to find out how i can change this so that when i share the article links, the article title and images within the respective articles appear when shared.

as i have no UX/UI knowledge or how to navigate webflow i would also settle for a static image and text (eg company logo + color scheme and basic text) if its an easier fix

i appreciate any help you guys provide


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)


  1. open the designer
  2. navigate to the page list in the top left hand side of the screen and find the blog post template page (this might not be called ‘Blog Post Template’ but it will be similarly named and is the template page for your blog posts
  3. On the page list, click the wheel icon (settings) next to the Blog Posts Template page
  4. A popup should appear with page settings for that page. Scroll down to the Open Graph Settings portion of the page
  5. Here you can add a title (I would choose Name), description (I would choose Post Summary) and an open graph image (I would choose Main Image).
  6. Click the blue save button at the top of the popup and then publish your site.

Hope this helps!

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