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First project, many animations - and some issues

hey there! i want to share my first project with you - and i also want to share the biggest issues i had with it. if you have some thoughts about how to avoid those problems in the future, feel free to comment!

the project is: (in german language)

it is a landing page for our new years greetings to our clients. i worked with a lot of animations, lottie-files and scroll based stuff. here are some issues i noticed while building the project:

  1. overflow
    there are a lot of assets coming from outside the stage. i knew that overflow will be an issue, but i found it hard to keep track of what was causing the issue. as i worked with vertical scrolling, in did not want to have horizontal scrolling. but i needed to keep vertical overflow - so i could not turn it completely off. unfortunately working with the overflow-x value did not seem to hav an impact with webflow.

  2. duplicating sites
    as i did a lot of experimenting with values, i wanted to save a state of a site. i made some duplicates, but noticed that webflow looses connection to assets that are animated directly - which results in broken animations on the duplicate. i guess that has to do with internal ids. a solution is, to work with classes instead - but that limits the possibility to experiment with values.

  3. html export
    as i do not want to buy hosting for every project, i need to export html and host it on our server. that worked fine in general. but i noticed, that duplicated sites, that worked in webflow were broken after html export. i could not dive deeper in there, but maybe someone has a solution for that? that is an unpredictable behaviour that you only see after exporting and uploading/testing on another server…

  4. mobile support
    i saw that certain functions did not work on mobile. especially on android, there is a lot of problems with animations. it would be helpful to have a better preview or hints in webflow about not supported functions in different (mobile) browsers…

so, here it is. please let me know what you think :wink: