First draft of new website

Hi, first draft for a new site:


I know it’s quite a bit of content for a one pager but this will no doubt be subject of discussion with my client.

Go and have a look, I welcome any criticism, design or technical or structural-wise!

Working with rich text blocks and columns within, I find it hard if not impossible to top align the columns left and right, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Look at the sixth section for an example …


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Not a problem on desktop, it loded fast and behave smoothly. But should be tested on previous generations of phones such as iPhone 4/4S. Long and heavy pages can make the scrolling a bit difficult.

If the columns of the 6th sections aren’t aligned at the top that’s because of their content, especially the H4 element who gets a 10px top margin:

With margin top zero it gets aligned.

What about the left alignment? Didn’t get what you meant here.

Hi Vincent,

I meant left column compared to the right column, I got it fixed now. Thx for your help!

I haven’t even cropped the images yet, I will also use smaller images for the other breakpoints and on mobile phones I will hide some less important parts of the site.

The dropdown menu doesn’t behave as smooth as I want now, I messed some things up in the process of building it :slight_smile: so will have to rebuild it (because I don’t exactly know whát went wrong there).


Rebuilding is in my opinion a very good practice when running into isues or sluggishness. Webflow is a fantastic live editor but there’s no magic, when you start messing too much with something, you’re better off with a fresh start :smile: Use a totally different set of classes when you rebuild, and go to clean your unused classes from the styles tab afterwards, so you “clean” your site.

Agree! And thanks again!

cordialement :-), Tom

Sometimes Google translate amuses me.

As a suggestion, maybe Tabs can help out in areas where there is a lot of info. Can help keep the page less lengthy and cluttered.

I noted here some spacing issues:

Adjusted the TOP Margin for “H2 Slides” fixes this

The contact area looks really blank with that ‘stacked’ setup

I would put it in two columns to take up some of the big blank grey space there. Here’s just a quick idea (not sure how you got text in the area without a text block…interesting trick) but this gives you the general idea.

Hey DragonDon,

The title would be better translated with something like ‘Wholesome (or healing) and delightful (or blissful)’ :smile:

I failed to see what you found with the ‘H2 Slides’, but refined it nonetheless.

Tabs might be a good idea! For round two in the design…

Contact: when using two colums for this they need to be in balance with each other, I’ll try another design for it.

Thx for your input!

Strange about the H2 but hey, as long as it works, it’s all good.

Yeah, like I said, you have text that is not in a text box. So I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making it balanced just to figure out how you formatted your text ,but did enough to give you an idea.

The redesigned contact section might please you more then! (as well as it pleases me :smile: )

Thx for the incentive!

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