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First BIG CMS site in webflow

Been working on this project for the last month, The biggest problem was moving everything over since we where going to host it with webflow.

When it comes to the design I focused 70% of my time on mobile devices since thats where most of the traffic comes from. I also spent a lot of time on the user interface for navigation, ended up just building everything from scratch instead of using a components.

Also FLEXBOX is amazing, saved me so much time.

Let me know what your think and if you find any bugs


Very clean site !
Lots of work here. Great job

Take care

yeahhh. :slight_smile:

I like the colors.

Clean looking site.

Nice job.

great job! One thing I would change though. As I was clicking on each top nav item, I clicked on GIVE and was confused. It opened a new browser tab.

Try moving the “GIVE” link to the last spot and style it differently. Like a button. Also, add an icon that indicates to the user that they will be opening a new tab when clicking on it. Like this one:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback I may try that on the Give button:)

Great job on the website! We are in the process of moving our church site over to webflow. Any chance you’d be willing to help?


Great website bro… but heads up - this appears in my browser


Great work Derrick! Love the site.

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That’s weird I think it just the old https link when I was testing out SSL at the time.