Finsweet CMS Filter - is it possible to work as contains instead of matched?

Im currently working on a finsweet filter; is it possible to filter works like as it “contains” instead of matching value? For context, I have a checkbox of months and in my item has a text block of multiple months (for example: January, May) where my custom field is applied. then if I tick January, the item should return this item that contains January, May.

The right way to do this is to have multiple matchable values in your filtered data items, e.g. a January value and a May value, so either will match the filter.

If there’s some reason that’s not possible, you can use the text-input matching filter to match partial values, but you’ll need custom code to repair the delimiters.

For example your data items would need to be ,January,May,, and when someone filters to Jan you’d set a hidden filter field to ,January, with the delims, so the partial matching is unambiguous.

You’ll need to be pretty familiar with FS filter design and JS to set this up properly.