Custom CMS Filtering

Hello guys,

I have a CMS collection of about 500 items and I use Finsweet’s CMS filtering to enable the users to filter through it on the page. Each item has a field called “Countries”, which features a bunch of countries in the format of “Argentina, Brazil, Spain, …” and so on. It can be 1 country or it can be 50 of them. I want to give users an option to filter through these items by country, such as when a user selects “Spain” from the select menu, the CMS is filtered to display the items in which the “Countries” field features the word “Spain”

The issue with Finsweet CMS Filter (If I am understanding it correctly) is that it only returns exact matches. So if a user selects “Spain”, the “Countries” field has to be exactly “Spain” for the filter to work. No other words are allowed.

Now what I want to do is to be able to somehow create a filter that would be less “strict” and search for the occurrence of a specific country in the “Countries” field, not an exact match.

Any ideas on how I can do so would be very much appreciated. If there is a way to somehow customise Finsweet’s CMS Filter to allow for this behaviour it would be absolutely amazing, but if not, I would be really happy to find out any other solutions to this issue. (Not sure if I can include a read-only link since it’s a client project, but I tried to explain what I am trying to achieve the best as I could)

Thank you so much in advance for having a look into that, Webflow Community!


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hey @halim!

Thanks for taking the time to have a look into this!

I might have not explained what I am looking for quite well. So I have a bunch of tags, like “Spain”, “Portugal”, etc., and when a user selects, for example, “Spain” they should see all the items that have “Spain” in their “Countries”. The catch is that each item has multiple countries and they all are stored in one field. Finsweet CMS Filter with tags does not work this way, unfortunately, since it only looks for an exact match. Do you have any ideas as to how to do it this way? Thank you so much again!


Oleksandr, it’s important to share your readonly designer link. Without seeing your actual CMS setup there’s little the community can do to help, and you’re asking us to do 10x the work by guessing.

If your countries list is a separate collection, and you are using a multiref field, with less than 5 countries per “item”, then you just use a nested collection, and FS CMS filter will work great on those countries as individually matched tags.