Finsweet CMS filter - fs-cmsfilter-field contains

Is it possible to configure this so that it matches CMS items that contain the value in the Filter UI, rather than only exact matches?

E.g. in here CMS Filter for Webflow - No-code using Attributes (

“The text of the label will act as the search term. If the label of the checkbox is “Spain”, the checkbox will filter by “Spain”… Any CMS Item that has “Spain” from this CMS field will be filtered.”

I want it so that if the checkbox is “Spain” and the CMS item is “Spain, Italy”, it still gets a match. Currently it has to be “Spain” only (“Spain, Italy” does not match).

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Text input search works on a “contains” matching algorithm, so if you’re trying to create pre-selected values in checkboxes, you can write custom code to take that value, put it into a hidden FS-Filter-bound input, and trigger the filter.