Can you have multiple independent words in finsweet? Search Filter


Currently, when you use finsweet attribute search (filter) method. If you search for one word it works appropriately. But if you want to search multiple words, they have to be searched in the exact order as in the cms.

For example: if the cms is “sweet green apple”. I can search for: “sweet green”, “green apple”, etc BUT not “green sweet”, “apple sweet”, etc.

Additionally, If I want to search (filter) for all the “apple” and “orange” in cms with only the finsweet attribute search (filter) method. If I type “apple orange” in the search bar - It will only return all cms that are “apple orange” NOT all that are “apple”, “orange”, “apple orange” and “orange apple”.

tldr: Finsweet Search (filter) Method that searches a string of words Independently.

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Edit: How to do search FLEXIBLE in finsweet?

The FS soution is not a search engine, rather just a text filtering solution based on JS. Maybe you should look at an actual search tool that can be integrated to WF or a API that includes GraphQL. I have use Algolia with great succes in the past. Even Webflow has to use a third party search tool. See integrations in the WFU. Integrations | Search | Webflow University

If you’re trying to apply this only to CMS collection list content, Jetboost does support this type of multiple-keyword filtering;


However as usual, I imagine you’ll run into challenges with > 100 cms items, as many will be “out of view” of the filtering code.