Finding information about new features / shortcuts

So I’ve noticed while watching some of the Webflow video tutorials that there are some keyboard shortcuts that aren’t listed in either the shortcuts list that is part of the Designer interface or in the Webflow University article on shortcuts. For example, the ability to use Shift-option -left or -right to shuttle through project pages, or, in grid, the ability to hold down command when trying to drag an item into a specific div within a specific cell to over-ride the auto-placement in order to place it manually.

I find this very frustrating. Is there someplace that I can look in order to find all of the keyboard shortcuts built into Webflow? If not, could the team consider adding one?

Similarly, I remember that there was a new feature mentioned a while ago that allows one to convert a div block into a link block and visa versa. But I cannot locate this information anywhere. I can’t find a link to a page with a new feature list on the bottom footer, on the blog, or anywhere else. And I can’t figure out the technique, whatever it is, intuitively. Is there some other place I should be looking for this information? And if not, could the team consider adding a link to the footer to this page?

And if I’m mistaken and these links and pages exist, could you point me to them?


Right click on the div block in the designer. Select “Convert to Link Block”.

Thank you, @webdev.

I first tried right-clicking on the div block in the navigator, which doesn’t bring up a Webflow-specific menu, so it took me a while to get around to doing the same in the navigator.