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Keyboard shortcuts updated

It looks like the keyboard shortcuts were just updated and I hadn’t noticed it.
I’m a fan of keyboard shortcuts for efficiency and not having to move my fingers from trackpad/mouse to keyboard.

(FWIW, it could be that you need to enable the new Style panel, but I’m not sure)

I was reading the update about the new Navigator panel update that went out which looks much improved. Thanks, team @webflow!

It was there that I stumbled upon the last link in the article:

My new favorite shortcuts are the Add Symbol (from symbols) shortcut (SHIFT + A) and the Add Class to current element (Command + Enter). I’m not sure if those are new, but they’re new to me.

What’s your most used shortcut?


Hey @Lux

This is the new one which is not listed in the shortcut panel yet.

  • Expand/collapse Style panel sections: Alt + click on section

I’ve highlighted the commands I constantly use and underline the one I need commit to more. Looks like I’m currently sitting at around 75% use of the keyboard shortcuts.



What you are looking for is “SHIFT+?” .