Find publish date of a static page

Hello! I’m trying to find the original publish date for static pages, but can’t seem to find it anywhere in Webflow or anywhere in the forums, I can easily see this on collection pages, but not on static pages. Any help is appreciated!

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Hi Alex,

To my knowledge static pages don’t track published dates of any kind, either created, first-published, or last-updated. Since they are always published with the site as a whole, the only date is the site-last-published date.

You’d have to build an external tool to monitor and assess that… perhaps trigger off of the site-published webhook, scan the sitemap, CRC each page, maintain a directory of when pages first appear, and have last changed.

Note that some things like a nav or footer change would affect every page, too.

Make sure to test the CMS dates as well, they don’t serve the intuitive purpose their name suggests. Published doesn’t mean “first published.”

Shame we aren’t able to get that information… Oh well. Thank you for explaining!