Find and Replace URLs

How do I quickly find and replace all the webflow URLs on the live site version with my primary domain? Wordpress has a plugin that can find and replace quickly. Some of the URLs on the live site are to our primary domain while others still point to the webflow staging URL…

At this time there isn’t a “find/replace” URL function in Webflow. However, you can set a 301 redirect for old URLs to point to new ones:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It’s often difficult to search content, especially as your site grows larger. I regularly have clients need to change specific text due to regulatory changes, so it’s a big deal.

In your specific case, Nelson’s redirects suggestion may not work because those links actually point to a different domain. So here’s a few things you might try on your public hosted site;

  1. Enable search. Drop a search element somewhere hidden, visit the search page, and then wait 24 hours. You may or may not be able to search for URL parts like, I haven’t tried. Note that search won’t index membership gated content at all currently. Also when you make changes, you need to wait 24 hours for a re-index.
  2. Use Google. If it’s indexed your site, you can sometimes find content by searching e.g. I’ve found it surprisingly useful sometimes, useless others.
  3. Consider installing a 3rd party search engine or Google Custom Site Search. You’ll have more configuration control there over what it indexes.
  4. Go page by page, with Chrome’s DevTools. CTRL+SHIFT+I to open it, then CTRL+SHIFT+F for find, and type There’s a bit of a learning curve here to navigate the results, but it’s the only 100% complete way to find those references. Do this for every page on your site, probably most collection pages just need to be done on a single collection item, depending on your in-content links.
  5. Export your site code, and grep it locally on your PC. If you don’t know where you’re looking, this will help you at least identify the pages that have your searched text.
  6. SEO tools like Screaming Frog have built-in custom searching as well, both for keywords and URLs. You may have some good luck there.
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