An issue with redirect 301 and SEO

Hi all,

I’m fairly new to Webflow and tech in general so I might be asking a pretty obvious question but I’ll go for it (english is not my first language as well so off to a good start i guess).

So basically, my company made the switch from WP to WebFlow a couple of weeks ago. In order for it to go smoothly, I have set up the redirects 301
and apart from a couple of broken links that I corrected, it went fine.

The issue now is that having so many redirects is damaging to the SEO of my the website, especially because of the internal links (there are more than 4 000 of them) that are still the old WP links that are getting redirected. I’m looking for a tool that could automatically switch all the internal links to te new ones without me having to do the 4 000 by hand. I wonder if someone had an idea on how i could do that.

Thanks if you took the time to read this and have a nice day !


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Currently, Google does not penalize redirects, but it is bad practice and of course detrimental to your UX. It can also indirectly affect SEO by delaying the time to first paint.

If you’re trying to fix rich text content links, then your best approach might be some old-school data processing.

Export your collection as CSV
Use a good code-friendly text editor, with search-replace functionality.
Search and replace the URL in the CSV.
Repeat 4,000 times.
Import your new fixed-up data

If you have a large number of different link replacements, I would recommend you write some bash scripts to do it, using sed to do the search-replace task for you. It’s harder to setup but far more controllable and repeatable as a process.

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Hi Michael,

I’ll look into that immediately, thank you for taking the time !
Have a good day