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404 Error Reporting

Hi All-- I am new to Webflow and thus far I have been able to build out our entire website on the platform (coming from Wordpress). I am in the process of importing our content to the various CMS DBs which can range from 600-1200 posts, events, places, etc.

It looks like we will be needing to change some of our URLs and so we will need to create redirect links for all. I am sure there will be mistakes and so I am wondering if anyone knows or can recommend ways to monitor 404s errors with the platform. With Wordpress, there were a couple of plugin you could install to capture pages that were broken and spin out a report. Is there a way to do this with Webflow or a customization that can report on this?

Thank you in advance.

Google search console provides what you are looking for. Bing also provides a similar solution called Bing Webmaster Tools.

Thanks, @webdev. This is a good solution in the long run for sure. My only hesitancy with Webmaster tools is that at that point Google has already reindexed the broken links. Looking for a way to detect broken links as fast as possible since we have 1000+ URLs.

Side note: I found this link on how to set up GA event tracking for 404 errors which may be useful after the migration.