SEO Ranking: Need help with 301 Redirects (Wordpress to Webflow)

Hey all,

The website is currently created and published on Wordpress, I redesigned the entire website using webflow. I set up the Webflow staging site as [this will be the landing page once converted and published]
Is there any way I can redirect the links from Wordpress into Webflow.

However other links are different.

any links on the wordpress site with “/portfolio-item/” or any other link really (majority of the links on Wordpress will be different but with the same content copied from wordpress) will need to be redirected with a new link to Webflow.

How can I do this?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Just to check, are you moving to the new subdomain ( or keeping the same one (

If you’re moving to the new subdomain, the easiest way to do this is install a 301 redirect plugin in Wordpress and point all the pages to their counterpart on the Webflow website.

If you’re keeping the same domain then once the switch has been made the Wordpress website is as good as dead and as long as you’ve recreated all of the pages that existed in Wordpress under the same url structure you don’t need to set up any 301’s but if you’re moving to a new url structure 301 redirects can be set up through your Site settings > Publishing.

Hope this helps

It’s staying to the same domain as

My question is the wordpress site is using a different URL structure as the webflow one (since webflow is using CMS items) ie.

Wordpress “/portfolio-item/transonyx-translucent-stone” to Webflow “/vendor/transonyx”
Wordpress “/portfolio-item/acoustical-art-concepts/” to Webflow “/vendor/acoustical-art-concepts” NOTE: This is a dynamic Webflow page

Some are even completely different Wordpress “portfolio-item/texturglas/” to Webflow “/wallcovering/texturglas” NOTE: This is a static Webflow page

Thanks. So you’re using my second point. You know the original URL and you know the new URL so you just need to put these into Site settings > Publishing.

Awesome, thanks! It’s a long list of redirects I have to add but I’m assuming google only takes into account the highest viewed pages instead of all the pages on the wordpress site. Trying to avoid the SEO penalty.

If you want to avoid the penalty, just add all of the pages to the redirects

As Samuel indicated, your best practice here would be to capture everything.

Yes it’s a bit grunty, but you may be able to find tools to help with the process.
I usually extract the original site’s sitemaps and create a spreadsheet from the <loc> URLs. Then do a bunch of editing to create the complete 301 redirects map.

When you do that in a spreadsheet, it’s easy to refine, and to export as CSV- which you can then bulk import into Webflow.