Filtering one Collection List by a value of another Collection List on the Same Page

Hey there fellow webflowers,
I’ve been reading a lot in the forums eversince and found it super helpful. A solution to almost every Problem. THX!

This time though my google skills didn’t work out. I’m stuck in a finsweet loop hole for hours now.

So here is the Problem:

I have two collection Lists on one page (Members Template) and only want to display Events (getting pushed from Mighty Networks through Zapier to the CMS “Eventkalenders”), if the Creator Name of the Event equals the name of the Member.

Is this somehow possible through filters and custom Attributes?

Example: I have an Event in the CMS. Creator Name is “RaveAwareness”, when I’m now on the Members Page, there should be shown only this Event from RaveAwareness.

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Looking for answer for this also, anyone have ideas?