Finsweet CMS progressive filtering problem

Hey guys, so basically I have the projects page on the portoflio website I’m working on and I want the projects list to filter by choosing the category and after the subcategory, I tried following what @memetican did ( but in my case the filtering only works when I select the subcategory and not the category, when I select the category, the subcategories disappear.

Please help!

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

to preview the filtering: Projects

Hi Rayane,

I’m Just dropping a quick message as I’m away this weekend.
There are several ways to set this up, and depending on the exact behavior your want to create, it can be tricky. If the cloneable does what you are trying to accomplish than triple check where the attributes are positioned and how they’re configured, that’s the only possibility with the approach I’ve used there.

Finsweet can help too, through their paid Plus forum, which is great.

However I am thinking about the progressive filtering problem overall and whether there is a general solution I can build into SA5 that covers all of the scenarios and can integrate into an FS filter setup. I have some ideas, but it would be several weeks at least before I have time to even prototype it.

yeah the cloneable already does what I’m trying to accomplish, it’s just that something is wrong with how I set it up I think, cuz like it’s working when the category and the subcategory have the same name but not when they don’t. thank you for your reply!