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Horizontal Swiping/Scrolling with accompanying Nav Menu


I’m working on a menu page for a restaurant, and I’m trying to figure out how to build an interaction (that looks like this:

I wanted to arrange the menu category divs horizontally so that people can swipe left/right to navigate between them (on mobile devices). And while they swipe, the nav menu on top is synced to the swiping.

After using a grid to set up a horizontal layout for the menu categories, I realized that I have a problem: the “Current” state is applied to ALL of the categories…what I wanted was for only the centered category (centered in the viewport) to be labelled as “Current”

I guess that all of the categories are recognized as “Current” because they’re all at the same vertical position. So, if I was wondering if there’s anything I can do so that

  1. the “Current” link is only the category that is visible in the viewport
  2. when I click on a link in the nav menu, it horizontally scrolls to the linked div

Thanks so much in advance!

Please shrink the viewport so that the right design shows up!

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Swipe and change pages are impossible - or - at least very complex to solve (The page refresh when you change a page).

You will find ideas like this on framework7 or unsen ui (Mobile Apps frameworks):

For one page with menu categories (Not swipe to change pages) - you could use slider.

You could solve this with swiper (But no way to explain how - 2 sliders that control each other - the basic idea (Gallery - but will work the same for navs):

/* set conteoller  */
galleryTop.controller.control = galleryThumbs;
galleryThumbs.controller.control = galleryTop;

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Hi Ezra,

I’m looking for a solution to the second idea you mentioned – one page with menu categories.

Thanks so much for the suggestion to use a swiper! (And thanks for providing an example with code as well!)

I would have never thought of that on my own, and it seems great for what I need! I’ll look more into swipers and see if I can get it to match what I’m thinking!