Filtering CMS items on a CMS Page of another Collection

Hi everyone

I have a question about filtering CMS Items on a CMS Page of another Collection.

There are two Collections:

  • Collection A: Different Shows
  • Collection B: Current Events of the Shows

For every Show (Collection A) there is a CMS Page with details. If there is a current Event (Collection B) regarding the Show, the details of the event should be displayed on the page of the show. Now my question: How can I filter the items from Collection B on a CMS Page of Collection A? It’s not possible to use the «is current page» filter because I’m filtering Items from another Collection.

Does anyone have any idea how I can setup the filter?


You can link B to A with a single-ref, or you can link A to B with a multi-ref. Either will work for what you’ve described.

I tend to use the B-ref-A model most often, as it offers the most flexibility.

On A’s collection page, you drop a collection list of B’s, and then filter then to where B’s show = the current page’s show.


That worked :blush: Thank you very much!