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Filtering and Displaying Dynamic Content and Pages

I have individual collection items (people) that need to be sorted a variety of different ways on different pages. Any advice on the best way to do this?

For example, I have John Doe, who is a photographer. (i’ve created an individual collection item for John Doe and have used multi reference categories to better classify him)

Let’s say John Doe does portraits, sports, weddings, and pet photography in San Diego.

I want a website user to be able to search for a particular category (let’s say sports) photography in San Diego.
Can i accomplish this with tabs or dropdown lists from the user’s perspective? How can users sort info on webflow?

Also what is the best way for me to have all san diego sports photographers appear? (for example)

If I have a master list of all photographers and attach them to different categories, can I then dynamically create pages when a website user filters the data?

Or, do I have to create a collection for “San Diego Sports Photographers” and then San Diego Pet Photographers, etc.

So, 2 main questions are - what’s the best way to allow users to search posts? (people in my case)…

And, what is the most streamlined way to dynamically create results for certain categories of posts?

It would be ideal if I could add all photographers to one collection and then sort that data based on different categories… Any help is much appreciated.

I don’t have a site to show because this is a theoretical question at this point… I want to start off the right way. Thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @photonicpro great questions!

  1. Yes you can definitely filter them by using tabs with filtered lists in each tab: If you go the dropdown style, you’d have to link them to new pages or add in manual interactions to display different lists on the page which could get a little hairy and difficult to remember the complete organization.

  2. Adding a search bar, I would reference the Findberry tutorial: How to integrate FindBerry search engine with Webflow site

Hi there! Thank god I was not the only one trying this. @photonicpro did you manage to do it?

I’m having some trouble assigning the filters.

In my case it’s a shopping mall and I’m trying to assign the shop “adidas” (for ex.) to different categories (women, men, children and sports), but I can’t find the way to do that.

If anyone got it, please help!

This is my website:

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