Filter Multi-Reference Field (Items) in Collection With Another CMS

I Have 3 CMS Collections:

  1. Media Downloads (Which names the download and allows user to upload file to CMS)
  2. File Type (File types listed - with a Reference file pointing to Media Downloads that user selects. So, for example, when user uploads and names media download, they must select the file type in the File Type CMS to link it to the Media Download
  3. A News CMS (Made up of several fields plus one Multi-Reference Field that points to the Media Downloads CMS and allows user to pick as many Media Downloads they want that are related to their news story)

So, what I am try to do on the News CMS templates is to show the News article and then have a section below that lists related files, which are the files that the user will select in the Multi-Reference Field in the News Database that is pointing to the Media Download CMS. I am able to list two CMS Collections on the News Templates, i.e. the News Collection and below that, the Media Download Collection, but I can see no way to isolate/filter only the Media Downloads that are released to the single News CMS item. Instead, it just lists every single Media download.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is a Read-Only Link to the What I’m talking about. Take a Look at the News Tab.