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Filter CMS Collection List with array of values (in my case from an Outseta custom property)

Hi All,

I found multiple ways and tutorials to filter collection lists with buttons or search fields: jetboost, finsweet, etc. and it’s great.

However what I’m trying to do is to use an array of values that I grab from Outseta (a custom property of the current user) in order to filter my collection list.

Below some explanations and here is a loom video where I explain what I’m trying to achieve.

  • My collection list contains resources (webinars for example)

  • Each resource has categories (e.g. App Store Optimization, Apple Search Ads, Facebook, etc.)

  • During onboarding (Outseta sign up form), a user checks the categories they are interested in and it ends up as a “custom property” in Outseta

I am able to get to display this custom property in webflow by embedding this code (more info here from Outseta):

<span data-o-member="Categories"></span>

It shows something like this (depending on which categories the user chose on onboarding):

“App Store Optimization”,
“Apple Search Ads”,

I can’t figure out how to automatically filter my collection list with these values.

I assume I have to use javascript to put the values from that array of categories into variables, that I then use to filter the collection list. Or that I use the variables to create filtering buttons that are then used to filter the collection list.

Any pointers or resource I should start with would be super helpful!

Thanks a lot,

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Growth Gems